Code of Conduct and Customer Service

  • when meeting a customer for the first time, I will arrive at the time agreed;
  • show my membership identification card;
  • act in a professional manner;
  • inform the customer of my availability and an estimated start date;
  • agree details in respect of property security whilst undertaking work;
  • discuss any special concerns which the customer may have, with such concerns confirmed in writing;
  • be honest and courteous in all my dealings with the customer and those involved in the job;
  • take due care and attention of customer property at all times and provide adequate protection for all surfaces, fixtures and fittings;
  • adhere to any special instructions agreed and laid out in the job specification.
  • will not use customer facilities or consume customer food and drink without permission.
  • check regularly during the job that the customer is happy with the progress and quality of the work;
  • undertake a day-end routine that leaves the job in a clean and tidy condition;
  • on completion, ensure the property is left clean and tidy with all waste removed;
  • complete the work on time and inspect the work with the customer at the end of the job;
  • abide by the Membership Rules of the Dulux Select Decorator Scheme.

Registered address: 13 Leonard’s Avenue, Ramsgate, Kent, CT11 7AH